Payroll Integration

Simple systems that go both ways

Simple Payroll Process

When it comes to payroll and benefit solutions, Sentinel is always working to streamline processes for our clients. We’ve integrated with several payroll vendors and are able to send and receive data files, so you can sit back and relax.

Please note that a standard file specification is used on both inbound and outbound files. Sentinel can integrate with any payroll provider who can accept/program to this format. Ultimately, your payroll vendor determines whether it will be 180° or 360° integration.


Our 360°, two-way integrations alleviate the Plan Sponsor's responsibility. We receive files from the payroll company on the sponsor’s behalf and send data back to automatically update records in your payroll system with changes your employees make on the Sentinel website. 

With our 180°, one-way integration, the payroll company sends us the payroll file on behalf of the Plan Sponsor, eliminating the sponsor’s administrative burden of transmitting the file. These files include demographic information as well as financial contribution and loan repayment data.

“They take the work part of it out for us!”

– Gary Bernard, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, TruWest Credit Union


This is a listing of clients currently sending us FTP files on behalf of their/our clients:

  • ADP
  • Advantage
  • BalancePoint
  • Ceridian
  • Harpers
  • ISolved*
  • MP*
  • PayCom
  • Paycor*
  • Paylocity*
  • PayPro*
  • Payrolls Plus
  • Payserv
  • PayTech
  • Performancepay
  • Proliant*
  • Ultimate*
  • Workday

* Indicates 360° integration

IMPORTANT NOTE: Paychex will not integrate with Sentinel. The client can still be setup as FTP, but they will need to get the report from PayChex and upload it to their FTP site.

Yes, Sentinel has a $400 initial setup fee and then an annual $400 maintenance fee to maintain the feeds. There may also be a cost associated with this build at your payroll company. Please contact your payroll vendor for additional information.

Yes, we provide file specifications outlining the required data elements that must be transmitted to our recordkeeping system.

This usually depends on the payroll provider. As the Plan Sponsor, you must request integration from your payroll provider. Your provider then assigns a representative who will work with Sentinel to set up integration. Once Sentinel gets involved we normally see everything up and running within two to three weeks, if all is in good order. 

Yes, Plan Sponsor involvement may still be necessary. However, Sentinel will work directly with your payroll provider where possible should any issues or questions arise.

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