Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Saving for your future health care needs has never been easier

Unique Savings

If you’re looking for innovative health care solutions to attract and retain employees, consider offering a Health Savings Account (HSA). 

One of the many benefits of an HSA includes allowing your employees to save pre-tax dollars for health-related expenses. With an HSA, you can invest your dollars so they grow and assist you with retirement expenses. Because HSA amounts are nonforfeitable, contributions can increase savings for future health care needs, even into retirement.

“They designed our benefits program. They consistently enhanced the program over time, and they continue to grow it. That’s a really big plus.”

– Gary Bernard, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, TruWest Credit Union

HSAs and HDHPs

To be HSA-eligible, an individual must be covered under a qualified high-deductible health plan (HDHP). HDHPs generally have lower monthly premiums and higher deductibles than traditional health plans, and an HSA can cover medical expenses until the HDHP deductible is reached. 

The funds that are contributed to the HSA can cover expenses until the deductible is satisfied.

Advantages of an HSA

Using an HSA has multiple federal tax benefits:

  • Contributions are tax free
  • Interest and other earnings on HSA contributions accumulate tax free
  • Amounts distributed from an HSA for qualified medical expenses are tax free

Tax Exclusion Limits

2024 HSA Annual LimitsSingle CoverageFamily Coverage
HDHP minimum deductible$1,600$3,200
HDHP out-of-pocket maximum$8,050$16,100
HSA maximum contribution$4,150$8,300

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