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Balancing Inflation, High Health Care Costs

During the pandemic, many organizations tried to avoid passing high health care costs onto their employees by shouldering the burden themselves. However, as high inflation rates continue to raise the cost of health care, many employers are being forced to reevaluate their budgets. 

In his article, Greg Puig breaks down why companies across all industries will likely feel the impact of these higher rates. He shares how many employers are reevaluating their strategies to "keep premiums at a palatable level," whether that means increasing deductibles or halting employer contributions to HSAs. While most organizations will "feel the strain of higher health care costs," Greg explains that their strategies for handling the change should be be dependent on their unique circumstances.

"Whether they’re halting employer contributions to HSAs or increasing deductibles, a shift in the status quo is underway as employers seek practical solutions to high costs."

Interested in learning more? Check out the full article at BenefitsPro.

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