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The Future of Work is Here

The pandemic brought not only employee needs, but wants to the forefront of the conversation. Largely because of their personal and professional experiences over the last couple of years, employees are all of a sudden more deliberate in the career choices they’re making and employers are left struggling to recruit and retain the right people in this new world.

Like it or not, I think we can all agree that “business as usual” isn’t coming back and employees and employers alike have been given a moment of pause—an opportunity if you will—to think about what we all really want out of our lives and careers. There’s a new world of work ahead of us, founded on shared values, deeper trust, and a common mission that will create more success for organizations and more fulfillment for employees.

The theme for this year's Educational Exchange (EdEx 2022) was the future of work is here. Ultimately, the contract between employees and employers is being rewritten. Employees are fine-tuning a better work-life balance and making deliberate choices as to where their careers are heading next. There’s now a greater ability for people to fit work into their lives, instead of having lives that squeeze into their work.

In no particular order, here are our top 15 takeaways from EdEx 2022:

  1. There has been a new theme established in the business world: one’s personal life should outmeasure and outweigh their time spent at work. 
  2. Continuous learning and curiosity will allow your business to keep growing through the employees you have. 
  3. 92% of employees viewed curiosity as a catalyst for job satisfaction (employees need to feel empowered to ask questions).
  4. Judgement and curiosity cannot co-exist.
  5. Employees will be happier if they are coming into a culture where they feel like they are learning, valued and growing rather than just getting a paycheck.
  6. Your employees need to understand how their work is contributing to the overall well-being and success of your company.
  7. Data shows the most diverse teams yield the best results.
  8. Companies need to establish and live closely by their values, intentional behaviors and standards.
  9. Maintaining and establishing relationships is key to employee appreciation and retention. Technology offers so much today, but relationships still need to be there.
  10. When learning goals are tied to achievement goals, people—and companies—are more successful.
  11. Embrace vulnerability; learning and growth cannot happen without the willingness to fail, to be vulnerable, and to push people out of their comfort zone.
  12. Your employees are far more likely to stay at your company if you invest in them.
  13. Career pathing for each department—and each and every employee/position—is critical.
  14. Company values are at the centerpiece of the workplace experience.
  15. Employers who live by strong Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) see higher retention rates.

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