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Everyone needs a (financial) plan

A foundation or plan is a requirement when building toward any goal. Whether building a new house or preparing to buy a car, a thoughtful plan will help you stay focused to achieve the outcome you desire.

The same goes for our financial picture at every stage of life. Where can I find dollars to save while maintaining my lifestyle? What potential roadblocks are ahead that might jolt that standard of living?

Sentinel has seen a rising demand for this exact type of financial education and employees are turning to their employers for help. SHRM research spotlights that 61% of HR professionals say that financial stress is affecting the work of their employees; forcing extra sick days, increased absenteeism, and reducing productivity as workers cope with the stress. It is not surprising to hear that when asked, employees find Financial Planning to be the #1 benefit to be added as a part of their existing employer benefit package.

Traditional benefits do not adequately address the financial challenges that your employees face; however, Sentinel has created a program called fly!+: bringing personal financial planning to the workplace. Sentinel’s team of Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) engage with each employee and provide in-depth, written financial plans to track the course to a better financial future. As employees’ overall financial wellness levels increase, so do contribution rates in retirement plans. This means an increase ability to retire with a healthy financial picture. In fact, studies have shown that an emphasis and investment in the financial health of your workforce is estimated to save more than $1,900 per year in employee productivity!

Everyone needs a plan and sometimes the best plan is to get started moving toward your goal! Learn more about fly!+ and how Sentinel can help your employees reach their financial goals.

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