Safeguarding you from cybersecurity threats

Today’s world — often referred to as the “information age”— has seen people generate, store and exchange information at an unparalleled rate of frequency and volume.

As a leading financial services institution committed to both integrity and innovation, Sentinel Benefits has an ethical, legal, and professional obligation to ensure the information we hold follows the principles of confidentiality and accessibility.

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We have a multitude of certifications that adhere to the company’s values and thought leadership, following the highest of industry standards.
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Effective data security starts with employee awareness, training and risk assessment. 

  • Information security constitutes a significant investment – from training our people to ensuring the right mix of systems and operational controls are in place to ensure protection. 
  • Our associates are regularly trained, made aware of security practices and privacy-related regulations, and are required to take an annual security awareness training course. Our software developers are also required to take additional courses related to creating secure application programs. 
  • Our technology team has implemented its own internal phishing testing and awareness campaign to measure and benchmark employee awareness to suspicious emails. The team also initiates an annual penetration test done by an independent third party ethical hacker. 
  • Cybersecurity incident response is one part of our disaster recovery testing in which our associates participate. 
  • Analyzing risk is a critical first step – from rating and performing due diligence on third party vendors to reviewing safety, privacy and general compliance issues through our Risk Committee, we make risk assessment and mitigation a priority.
  •  We maintain a number of security-related policies and procedures including a Cybersecurity and Incident Response policy (using the SEC's recommended NIST framework) and a Written Information Security Policy.

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Through our partnership with STOP.THINK.CONNECT., we've collected shareable resources for you and your employees.
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