Personalized Investing

Your people are unique. Their portfolios should be too.

Personalized Investing

Sentinel’s Managed Account Program (MAP) combines the data aggregation and user interface of iJoin with investment expertise and personalization technology of LeafHouse Financial to help ensure your clients’ QDIA meets the needs of all plan participants – from employees early in their savings journey to those nearing retirement. You remain in control with the Managed Account using only the investments offered in the retirement plan. This service is an opt-in solution for plan participants who want customization.

Today, over 90% of retirement plans are using a Target Date Fund as their QDIA, while managed account services are now offered in 50% of plans.1, 2 Still, other plans offer model portfolios. Chances are, your clients are offering one or more of these in their plan, but it’s always a good idea to look closer at the features of these options to determine which may be the best fit for their plan participants.

How Does This Help My Clients?

Your clients’ plan participants can benefit in three key ways from a managed portfolio customized to their unique lifestyle and retirement needs:

  1. MAP users save more and are twice as likely to increase their contribution rates 3
  2. MAPs can automate employees portfolio management
  3. Reallocation occurs as plan participants’ personal situation changes, facilitated by the deep technology of this service

Overview of Investment Methodology

LeafHouse and iJoin strive to personalize retirement success through a managed account program. Their proprietary calculation engine determines each individual’s liability in retirement (retirement income replacement goal) and matches that to a Risk Category or Expected Rate of Return (ERR). This value is matched to investments in the fund lineup that meet the Risk Category or ERR criteria established by the Investment Manager.
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The cost is 11 basis points, annualized, which will be assessed against your clients’ account monthly. The 11 basis points are calculated using their account balance on the last day of the month and are prorated for the number of days you are in the managed account.

The table below outlines a comparison of common plan default options and the benefits of each:

Personalized retirement strategies
Preset age- or risk-based fund allocations
Age-based retirement investments
Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) 
Participant-level fiduciary protection
A dynamic strategy for each individual 
Interactive experience 

Historically, performance has been used as a benchmark for evaluating an MAP, but this approach may not adequately capture the overall value of an MAP. The questions below can be used to help define the value of an MAP for your clients and their employees.

Does your plan offer...Implications
Investment personalization?
Employees approaching retirement may need more personalized investment support.
Savings rate advice?
MAP users save more and are twice as likely to increase their contribution rates.3
Ability to automate portfolio management? 

Set it and forget it is not a recipe for a successful retirement. MAPs can automate employees’ portfolio management. 
Recommendations that consider more than one account?
MAPs can incorporate multiple accounts when creating a comprehensive strategy.
Access to income solutions? 
79% of participants are interested in income options.4
Automatic reallocation based on changes to an individual’s circumstances?
MAP participants benefit from reallocation that occurs as their personal situation changes, which is facilitated by the deep technology of the service.

What Portfolio is Right for Your Employees?

Now is a good time to look closer at the features and objectives of your clients' investment lineup and determine which may be the best fit for their employees.
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There is no guarantee provided by any party that participation in Sentinel Managed Accounts will result in a profit or that the related account will outperform a self-managed portfolio invested without assistance. Sentinel’s Managed Account Program is powered by LeafHouse and iJoin. There is no guarantee provided by any party that participation in any of the LeafHouse Investment Services will result in a profit.

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