In-Plan Annuities

In-Plan Annuities

In partnership with Allianz, Sentinel's in-plan annuities help build and protect a portion of defined contribution plan savings in preparation for retirement. 

Allianz Lifetime Income+SM is a fixed index annuity that offers guaranteed retirement income and is easily added to any defined contribution retirement plan. In addition to growth potential, Allianz Lifetime Income+SM can help manage the risks of longevity, market volatility, and inflation.

How Does This Help My Clients?

An annuity in employer-sponsored plans can help:

  • Increase retirement readiness and confidence with a portion of guaranteed income participants can rely on for as long as they live
  • Encourage better financial behaviors as participants receive personalized advice from experienced professionals
  • Simplify the participant experience with dynamic defaults for different life stages

Highlighted Features

In-plan annuities offer a number of different features that can help retirement plan participants:

  • Guaranteed retirement income
  • Protected growth potential
  • Participant flexibility
  • Portability
  • Level pricing
  • Personalization
  • Customization
  • Integrated participant experience

Personalization and Protection

Helping real people face the reality of retirement today
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