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Mastering Retirement Income Planning

Date: March 21, 2024
Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 1:00 PM

Whether you're approaching retirement or already enjoying your post-career years, understanding retirement income planning and Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) strategies are crucial for optimizing your financial plan.

These withdrawals can serve a range of purposes, whether you are looking to fund your lifestyle in retirement, reinvest them, transfer them to charity or gift them to family. There is a 50% chance of one spouse living to age 93*, so it is important that you plan for longevity.

Watch the recording below with Ross and Ryan as we break down the following:

  • What is an RMD, and why should you care?
  • Easy steps for calculating your RMD
  • Tax implications you need to be aware of
  • Benefits of estate planning with inherited assets
  • Ways to get more financial fit

*Society of Actuaries RP-2014 Mortality Table Projected with Mortality Improvement Scale MP-2021, as of 2022.

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