Bringing Financial Planning to Work

Give your people the benefit they deserve and help them soar into their financial future

Introducing fly+ (Financial Planning at Work)

Your employees look to you for so much more than traditional benefits. Imagine being able to help each and every one of them feel more financially confident  – both today and in the future. fly+ provides personalized flight plans to each employee that forms the foundation of their financial health. Then, with access to their dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, or CFP®, they can really take off and soar!


Your employees' personal financial plan is mailed to their house and includes actionable items that cover: Retirement, Insurance, budget, emergency, savings, debt


Your employees are encouraged to schedule time with their dedicated planner to review their Flight Plan and their personal situations


Your employees' CFPs will provide them with recommendations on how to achieve their goals – the rest is up to them!

Your Flight Plan

Designed for each employee and tackling: retirement, insurance, debt, emergency savings, spending and more, your personalized Flight Plan charts the course for the journey ahead – whether you’re on the runway awaiting take-off or ready for landing.


Ross James

Head of Financial Planning

David Batchelder

Senior Investment Officer

Dan Bernardo

VP, Financial Planner, Private Client Group

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Typical Timeline

implementation timeline for fly+

Communication Strategy

We partner with our clients to create an environment that promotes financial wellness, encourages retirement readiness, and empowers individuals to succeed.

With fly+, your employees will receive a personalized communication strategy to drive healthy financial behaviors.

Sample Communications


Empower Life Stages Consumer Survey, January 2020

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