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Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans

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Defined benefit and cash balance plans offer a pre-established rate or account balance typically disbursed in a series of payments during retirement or as a single-sum payment at retirement.

The unique qualities and stringent regulatory guidelines of these plans require intensive fact-finding and due diligence throughout the implementation and administration. Companies looking to administer or start a defined benefit or cash balance plan will need the combined services of accountants, attorneys, actuarial professionals and plan administrators to get the plan up and running.

Unlike defined contribution plans, where employees bear their own investment risk, defined benefit and cash balance plans place the associated investment risks upon the employer. That often means more regulations, more compliance, and more headaches. We can help.

Much more than just another Third Party Administrator (TPA), we give our clients all the personalized services they need—starting with an experienced and highly trained in-house staff dedicated to helping them with everything from plan implementation through administration.

Our defined benefit and cash balance plan solutions include:

  • In-house actuarial services to calculate plan benefits
  • Project management to centralize accounting, legal and administrative services
  • Complete employer and employee support with convenient 24/7 online account access
  • Increased efficiency, less redundancy and communication across all channels
  • Trained administrators and dedicated advisors for education and on-going support

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