Questions you might have about the Benny Debit Card

Your Benny Debit Card comes with a lot of great features—and can mean a lot of questions about how to get the most from this amazing benefit. Learn more about Benny Card benefits with our FAQs. Don’t see yours listed here? Just email us.

Why do both cards have the same name on them?

The Benny Card is a signature-based debit card. Although the second Benny Card you receive will have the account holder's name on it and the same account number, a second authorized person may use this card by signing the back of it. 

How do I set up a PIN for my Benny Card?

Benny Cards are not set up with a default PIN, so you will be able to create your PIN at any time by calling (866) 898-9795.

Will there be a different PIN for each card on my account?

No. Once you have set up a PIN, all cards on your account will use the same PIN. Likewise, if you change the PIN for your account, the PIN will change for all cards.

How do I reset my PIN if I have forgotten it?

You can reset your Benny Card PIN by calling (866) 898-9795. You will be required to provide some information to confirm that you are the cardholder and will then be able to create a new PIN. Please keep in mind that if you are at the point of sale and have forgotten your PIN or have not yet set one up, you will have the option to choose “credit” and sign for the purchase instead.

Can I get cash out of an ATM or at the cashier with this card?

No. Your card may only be used to purchase qualified expenses based on your employer’s plan.

What if my provider does not accept Visa debit cards?

Use another form of payment and submit a claim form along with your receipt(s) to Sentinel reimbursement.

What if a claim I paid with my Benny Debit Card is later found to be ineligible?

Sentinel will ask you to pay the ineligible amount by sending a check made payable to: Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group, 100 Quannapowitt Parkway, Suite 300, Wakefield, MA 01880. If you do not reimburse the plan for ineligible payments, your card may be suspended.

What if my card is declined by a merchant?

You may have to pay with another form of payment. Your purchase could have been declined because:
  • The business or service provider is not a qualified location based on its Merchant Code.
  • You included non-qualified expenses with your qualified expenses. (Try the transaction again with the qualified expenses only.)
  • There isn’t enough money in your account to completely cover the expense. Please note that if the amount swiped exceeds your available account balance, the transaction will be declined. For example, if your purchase total is $150 and your available balance is $140, the request will be declined. You can, however, use your Benny Card to cover $140 and pay the remaining $10 out of your pocket.

How do I check the balance on my Benny Card?

Track your FSA account balance and transaction details anytime by logging into your account online. You can also Contact Us directly if you prefer.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Log into your online account at sentinelgroup.com to request that your existing cards be blocked and to have new ones issued. The “Benny Card Requests” options can be found under the My Plan Dashboard menu within your account. If your Benny Cards are replaced, please note that you will need to set up a new PIN. The PIN is specific to the card number, so any time cards are issued with a new number, you will need to set up a new PIN. Create your PIN by calling (866) 898-9795.

Can the Benny Debit Card be used to pay for grace period expenses?

You can use the Benny card during the grace period if:

  • You have a remaining balance at the end of the prior plan year
  • You have enrolled for the new plan year
  • Your current plan year balance is greater than the purchase amount

How it works:
Step 1:  The Benny card is used as the form of payment at the merchant
Step 2:  Transaction is approved based on your current plan year balance
Step 3:  On a nightly basis, your account will be modified to adjust the prior year’s remaining balance*

*The newly created payment adjustment transaction will move the appropriate money from one plan year to the other, thereby adjusting the balances in the two plan years.

Will I be required to submit a receipt for a debit card claim?

In most cases, you will not need to submit a receipt to substantiate a debit card claim. However, if upon adjudication of a debit card swipe it is determined that backup documentation is needed, Sentinel will notify you by email or postal mail. You must then provide the receipt for the eligible expense or payment in lieu of a receipt. For this reason, it is important to always hold on to your receipts when using your Benny Card.
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