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Benny Debit Card

Using this card eliminates paper and the need for Participants to pay out-of-pocket.

The use of tax-favored accounts (FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs) can offer significant savings to employees by providing tax free funds to pay for qualified out-of-pocket costs. However, many employees may not participate unless the plan is easy to use and access to funds is immediate. The solution is the Sentinel Benny® VISA Debit Card.

Once employers add the Sentinel Benny® Card to their Flexible Spending Account, participation rates go up and employees appreciate the plan more. And, the more dollars contributed to an FSA plan, the lower the payroll tax.

Benefits to Employers:
  • Employers generally experience a higher benefit enrollment by offering this card.
  • FICA tax savings will increase with these additional enrollments.
  • Reduces participant questions to your HR staff.
  • Use of the Sentinel Benny® Card generally enhances participants’ satisfaction of the plan.

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