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Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Administration

Helping you and your employees take control of your healthcare costs.

As consumer-driven health care solutions are adapted by more employers, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) offered with high deductible health plans are gaining momentum. HSAs allow employees to pay for eligible unreimbursed expenses, but unlike an FSA, excess funds are not forfeited if not spent. Instead excess funds may be rolled over into future years and invested.

There are numerous advantages to adopting a HSA plan - from reducing group premium costs and tax-savings to enabling your employees to take a more proactive approach in planning their future healthcare needs.

Our HSA services includes our Benny Card that allows stacking of other accounts such as FSA and Transportation plans on one card. Let Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group provide your employees with the services and support they need to help your HSA program thrive.

Our HSA Administration solutions offer:
  • Convenient online account access and linked brokerage for investing
  • Greater cost-efficiencies to maximize reduced premium plans
  • Customized programs to deliver more benefit dollars to employees
  • Effective tax management for increased savings
  • Complete enrollment, processing and operational support
 To learn more about our HSA services, contact us at 800-436-6689 or email