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11/04/2013 IRS Announces Cost of Living Increases for 2014
11/01/2013 U.S. Treasury Amends “Use It or Lose It” for FSAs
10/30/2013 MA to Repeal Components of State Health Care Reform Law
07/24/2013 DOL Provides Timing Relief of Next Round of Retirement Plan Fee Disclosures
07/05/2013 Key Health Care Reform Provision Delayed
06/28/2013 Massachusetts Wellness Program Tax Credit Online Application Available
06/27/2013 Supreme Court Strikes Down the Defense of Marriage Act
05/17/2013 Temporary Guidance for Health Insurance Marketplace Notice for Employees
05/08/2013 New Health Savings Account (HSA) Limits Announced for 2014
03/25/2013 2012 Fitness & Weight Loss Benefit Deadline (MA)
01/18/2013 IRS Provides Guidance on Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Fees
01/15/2013 IRS Adjusts 2013 Limits for Qualified Transportation Benefits
01/03/2013 The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012


11/12/2012 PPACA After the Election – Here Come the Regulations
11/06/2012 Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief from the IRS
10/23/2012 IRS Announces Cost of Living Increases for 2013
07/18/2012 Requirements for Distributing Participant Disclosures
07/13/2012 Affordable Care Act
07/11/2012 Participant Fee Disclosure: What Plan Sponsors Need to Know
07/09/2012 New Highway Bill Affects Defined Benefit Pension Contribution Requirements
06/28/2012 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
06/22/2012 DOL Advisory Opinion Affects Status of 403(b) Plans
06/07/2012 IRS Provides Guidance on $2,500 Health FSA Limit
03/23/2012 Service Provider Disclosure: What Plan Sponsors Need to Know
03/13/2012 2011 Fitness Benefit Deadline (MA)
02/21/2012 Summary of Benefits and Coverage
02/02/2012 Plan Sponsor and Participant Fee Disclosures Delayed Yet Again
01/23/2012 Fee Disclosure Overview for Plan Sponsors and Their Advisors


12/22/2011 Sentinel Benefits Mobile Website Available for iPhone, Android & BlackBerry Users
11/29/2011 2012 W-2 Reporting of the Cost of Group Health Coverage
11/16/2011 Important Information About Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA (BCBSMA) and Tufts Medical Center and NE Quality Care Alliance
10/28/2011 Changes to Mandatory Reporting Requirements for HRAs
10/25/2011 IRS Announces Cost of Living Increases for 2012
10/17/2011 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts returns $4.26 million to customers
09/22/2011 New Deadline for Distribution for Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notices
08/18/2011 Health Insurance - Affordable Care Act New Developments
07/18/2011 Fee Disclosure Deadlines Extended
05/20/2011 New Health Savings Account (HSA) Limits Announced for 2012
02/02/2011 IRS Issues New Guidance on Unforeseeable Emergency Distributions from Non-Qualified Plans and 457(b) Plans
01/27/2011 New Guidance on OTC Drugs
01/20/2011 MA HIRD Forms/Fair Share Contribution
01/14/2011 Nondiscrimination Testing for Group Health Plans – Delayed
01/05/2011 Transit Benefits Not Decreased


11/01/2010 IRS Announces Cost of Living Increases for 2011
10/15/2010 W-2 Reporting of Health Care Costs Now Optional for 2011
09/24/2010 Roth Conversions Now Allowed Inside 401(k) Plans
09/13/2010 Healthcare Reform and the Changes to Your FSA
08/13/2010 MA Division of Insurance Reaches Rate Agreement with Health Plans
06/02/2010 A Check From Your Friends at the IRS
05/27/2010 HSA Limits for 2011
05/07/2010 Important Information Regarding Your Reimbursement Plan
04/22/2010 ARRA COBRA Subsidy Extended Through May 31, 2010
04/07/2010 Commonwealth of MA Small Group Medical Plan Rating Update
03/30/2010 Health Care Reform Update
03/23/2010 National Health Care Reform Update
03/04/2010 Temporary Extension of COBRA Subsidy
02/12/2010 Information Required to Comply with the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (“CHIPRA”)
01/26/2010 Roth IRA Conversion Opportunities