Retirement Plan Solutions

Cash Balance and Defined Benefit Plans

Tax-advantaged, tax-deferred—complete pension plan services that maximize your benefits and more.

Cash balance and defined benefit plans, also called pension plans, offer a pre-established benefit or account balance typically disbursed in a series of payments during retirement or as a single-sum payment at retirement.
Unlike defined contribution plans, where employees bear their own investment risk, defined benefit and cash balance plans place the associated investment risks upon the employer. That often means more regulations, more compliance, and more headaches. We can help.
Money made into tower to illustrate importance of defined benefit plansMuch more than just another third party administrator, we give our clients all the personalized services they need—starting with our experienced and highly trained in-house staff dedicated to helping your business from plan implementation through administration.

Our cash balance and defined benefit plan solutions include:

  • Attorneys, actuarial professionals, investment advisors and plan administrators who get your plan up and running
  • Administrators and advisors that help determine funding requirements, invest company contributions, prepare regulatory filings, calculate and disburse benefits, maintain plan documents and minimize compliance risk by navigating every aspect of your retirement offerings. 
  • Project management to centralize accounting, legal and administrative services 
  • 24/7 online portal for Plan Sponsor and participants
  • Dedicated Client Service Professional assigned to your account
  • Multilingual Service Center to answer participant questions
  • Professionally credentialed administrators familiar with your plan

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