May 15, 2018

Sentinel Updates Benefits Data Delivery and Improves Data Protection

actifio-data-as-a-service Through the recent adoption of Actifio’s data-as-a-service platform, Sentinel Benefits has experienced increased resiliency and agility, providing customers and end users access to relevant data when and where needed with ease.

In a data-heavy business, customer experience hinges on availability for both client and operational data. Sentinel provides so many services that are dependent on data availability—whether end users want to check 401(k) balances on laptops, dial into a call center to talk about short-term investments or use a mobile device to get an answer to a question about insurance coverage—we need to stay innovative about how we operate. In addition, we needed a solution to improve our disaster recovery and business continuity (DRBC) position beyond what was possible with tape backup.

With Actifio Sky and Actifio Data-as-a-Service, Sentinel Benefits was able to create high-availability customer data solutions, including data copy virtualization, data production with rapid recovery, instant ability to test applications and off-site DR. Since deploying Actifio, we have significantly reduced the administrative time of our team and slashed recovery time.

Todd Larson, CIO of Sentinel Benefits, said, “We needed data protection improvements that checked some important boxes: deduplication, compression, efficient replication and rapid restore. However, we needed more than just backup. We wanted to get to data on demand, while enabling our test/dev processes. That’s what led us to Actifio. They worked hard to understand what we wanted and why it was important for our business.”

Ash Ashutosh, CEO of Actifio, said, “Our partnership with Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group demonstrates our breadth of strong partnerships across many verticals and our primary mission of making it simple for customers to undergo digital transformation. We hope to introduce more service providers like Sentinel to the benefits of undergoing this transformation, including significant operational savings and increased speed to recovery.”