The pandemic taught us a lot – and it’s time to rethink the role employers play in their employees’ lives. Especially in times of economic uncertainty, your people will be needing more support than ever, both personally and professionally. Bare-minimum health care policies and strict workplace regulations no longer cut it if you want to create a loyal and satisfied employee base. In this panel, moderated by Julie Doran Stewart, we will be discussing what the future of the workplace looks like, from flexible schedules to unique benefits tailored to your company’s specific needs.


Key takeaways include:
- Setting participants up for a successful retirement
- Benefits your employees need during a recession (flexibility, mental-health support, etc.)
- Strategies for keeping employees engaged and productive

Get to know our panelists!

Greg Puig
Partner & Head of Group Insurance
Sentinel Group
Chris Caprio
Chief Financial Officer
Focus Technology
Kelly Chewning
Elevate Coaching & Consulting