Failing to strengthen your DEI initiatives is hurting your company in more ways than one. You can no longer wait to invest in your people and your community. We understand making the shift can be a daunting task – but it’s one they will thank you for. From creating an impactful DEI program to participating in philanthropic initiatives, change starts from within. This panel with moderator Will Cooper will discuss the benefits of embracing DEI as well as how your leaders can lead the charge in investing in your people and what they really need.

Key takeaways include:
- How to get started revamping DEI initiatives
- Benefits of investing in mental health resources/benefits
- Creating a well-rounded and effective philanthropy program

Get to know our panelists!
Cat Torres
Health & Welfare Sales
Sentinel Group
Tracy Morin
Tracy Moring Equity &
Inclusion Consulting
Rachel Klausner
Founder & CEO

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