Every year as the calendar turns from December to January, we all set goals to “be our best self”. We’re determined to really hit the gym or go on that life-changing diet once and for all. We’re going to sleep better and read more. We make plans to see family more—and treat them more kindly. And we’re resolute to give more, reach higher and succeed in the year ahead.

According to U.S. News & World Report magazine, 80% of New Year's resolutions fail by mid-February. By that time, we may have gone to the gym a couple of times; that “Whole 30” diet became a “Whole 20”; our thoughts still keep us awake at night; and that book sits on the nightstand unopened. Our intentions are always good, but the odds are against us. And we continue to set high aspirations for the coming year.

As we do in our own lives, Sentinel Benefits sets cultural goals each year to encourage ourselves to continue to evolve to be our absolute best. We will tackle and embrace these as a team and are sharing them for accountability (we hear this helps)…

In 2019, we have the resolve to:

Have fun. Most people think that the financial services and employee benefits industries are too stiff to be fun. There are too many regulations, too much data, and not enough creativity. That was my perspective as well. But, in all actuality, Sentinel is a fun place to work. We have fun (and funny) people. Whether you’re a team member, a Sentinel client, or somehow connected to us through the community, your lasting impression of us should be that we love what we do, that we care how we do it, and most importantly that we are a lot of fun to be around!

Be kind. When I walk around our offices, I look for the small things to take a pulse on the health of our company: a door held open for a colleague; a simple hello; or sincerely compassionate conversations in our common spaces. Kindness should be a muscle reaction, but it isn’t always. The speed at which business moves is amazing. We know there is pressure to perform and to solve issues quickly. For many, the stress to do well is contradictory to treating people well. Can there be time for both? The answer: there must be. We must slow down enough to care about the people around us, to say thank you, or job well done.

Serve passionately. Our commitment is to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. We truly believe that our industry is well positioned to help people protect their families and prepare for retirement. Sentinel is, and will continue to be, a vocal and engaged advocate for the individuals and employers who we support. We believe that successful outcomes will be realized by building financial confidence through education, advocacy, and results. It is our responsibility to serve those who don’t always have a voice.

Be vigilant. Over 50% of our business interacts with people’s retirement savings account or their health reimbursement accounts. We are humbled by the role we play in protecting the assets of individuals. We also know that we are a protector—dare I say a “Sentinel”—against cyber-theft and personal identity crime. We will continue to allocate resources to be well prepared and well trained if the situation arises.

Embrace change. We know that change is inevitable. We thrive in it. Disruption in our business is ever-present and we believe that one of our core advantages is being agile enough to change quickly and curious enough to see what will happen. The ways society looks for information, builds trust, and purchases goods or services have changed dramatically. The individual as an influencer is here to stay and we must be prepared to serve individuals as we do today, but also expand our offerings to address the needs of any person or family at any point in their life. We will be a destination for employers and individuals alike looking to partner with a provider who can help them navigate all of the health + wealth decisions they tackle.

The only resolutions that are going to become habitual are the ones most important to us. The causes that stop us in our tracks make us take note, and drive change because they’re truly important. The good news is that we’re closing in on February and we haven’t given up!

Happy 2019 from all of us at Sentinel!

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