The 2019 Plan Benchmarking Report breaks down metrics by plan size.

How does your retirement plan stack up when compared to others? The 2019 Plan Benchmarking Report breaks down metrics by plan size. If you’re interested in finding out what plan features other companies are providing, keep reading. A few key sections included are: “auto” features, participation and eligibility, employer match, plan investments, and fees and expenses.

Download the 2019 Plan Benchmarking Report which is based on the most recent PLANSPONSOR Defined Contribution (DC) Survey.

The PLANSPONSOR 2018 Defined Contribution (DC) Survey was conducted via an online questionnaire sent to approximately 35,000 DC plan sponsors in September and October 2018. Survey results incorporate the responses of 4,000 plan sponsors from a broad variety of U.S. industries.

Of the 4,000:

  • 362 (9.1%) are plans with <$1 million in DC assets
  • 956 (23.9%) are plans with $1 million-$5 million in DC assets
  • 475 (11.9%) are plans with $5 million-$10 million in DC assets
  • 555 (13.9%) are plans with $10 million-$25 million in DC assets
  • 453 (11.3%) are plans with $25 million-$50 million in DC assets
  • 333 (8.3%) are plans with $50 million-$100 million in DC assets
  • 218 (5.5%) are plans with $100 million-$200 million in DC assets
  • 232 (5.8%) are plans with $200 million-$500 million in DC assets
  • 141 (3.5%) are plans with $500 million-$1 billion in DC assets
  • 275 (6.9%) are plans with >$1 billion in DC assets




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