The CEO and President of Sentinel Benefits, Sam Mitchell, recently spoke about adviser-recordkeeping relationships on a panel at the 2022 LeafHouse National Retirement Symposium.

Mitchell discussed the unique advantage Sentinel has with being both a recordkeeper and adviser. “We believe our secret sauce is being an adviser in the Northeast. Providing a full range of services gives us the advantage to know what advisers need,” Mitchell said. “We want to marry independent advisers with independent recordkeepers. We’ve been through a time where advisers felt like they had to partner with big-name recordkeepers to compete, but we think it’s more about having a recordkeeper that understands the personal relationship advisers have with business owners.”

Mitchell also offered some insights into the benefits of managed accounts. “For an adviser that is also a personal wealth adviser, adviser-managed accounts are a tool to engage clients much earlier in their journey,” he said. “What we really need to solve for and support advisers on is to target information to participants when they need it and be much more relational, so we can create action before it’s too late for them but also before it’s too late for us to connect with them.”

To read more about Mitchell’s conversation at the symposium, read here.